Leg 2: Ludington & Pentwater

I mistakenly made “Leg 3” public previously. My apologies. This was all supposed to be in chronological order. My fault-but I’m not impressed with the ease of using this blog service. Leg 2 June 6-June 10: Ludington to Pentwater *Click photos to enlarge*           While pulling into a slip upon arrival […]

A Visual History of the Summer: Leg 1

Leg 1  *Click pics to enlarge* May 25- 26: Green Bay to Oconto May 27: Oconto to Chambers Island May 28: Chambers Island to Sister Bay May 29: Sister Bay up & around Portes des Morts and then south past Algoma & Kewaunee May 29-June 3: Kewaunee to Sheboygan, Wisconsin June 4 Motored back north to Kewaunee for the night. June 5 […]

That Settles It

Ok, so there’s not going to be any more practice-sailing-in-the-Great-Lakes-so-I-can-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-in-the-Caribbean thoughts.  I am VERY tired of summer. Gross. 

For What It’s Worth

This liveaboard, see-the-world (or at least, east central Lake Michigan) lifestyle ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  It’s not meant to be done alone. 

She’s Falling Apart at the Seams

Now I know why the previous owner was getting rid of her. He knew that within a year this would happen and that would break and these would become obsolete or old. Wait, that’s what she says about me.  However SHE didn’t spend all day on a hot boat tearing apart a shitter to replace its […]

And Then There Was One……

After having a hot meal, I dropped John off with his wife and sister back in Pentwater, Michigan and illegally piloted the dinghy in the dark back to the Tessa Marie on the anchor in a little cove. Closed up the boat due to the approaching t-storm. It came and went overnight with little incident. […]