Hello, my name is Craig, and in a knee-jerk response to a divorce, I decided I wanted to pick up a sailboat and never be seen again. However, I discovered that jumping on a 35 foot cruising sailboat after only the completion of three ASA courses, was a pretty stupid idea. Nonetheless, I’m forging ahead and learning just about everything on the fly……..and making plenty of goofs along the way.

Please feel free to leave comments on this blog. I am using this medium as a place to describe my travels and mistakes along my journey to become a proficient and more experienced Great Lakes sailor. Soon, though, I would like to head to warmer and saltier water.  I am interested in hearing the experiences and stories of fellow rookies as well as seasoned pros. I am especially interested in hearing your ideas and suggestions on how I could have avoided my latest near-catastrophes! Let me have it!

I am also beginning to think a blog would be a great place to comment on and review the many places I have either visited or will happen upon in my future adventures. I will be soon start that project………….

Let the mistakes begin!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Craig,

    Just found your blog. Nice job. Francine and I had a great trip to the NC. Moving at retired speed, we were able to avoid the little rough weather we had. I’m now gearing up for a–hoped for–crew position on a delivery boat to the BVI this fall.

    Fair sailing,


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    1. NC! Nice job yourselves! Someday before I die I’d like to see the Virgin Islands. Last fall I stupidly turned down a crew position on a delivery from Columbia to Miami offered by my sailing instructor. Hope you get your gig!


  2. Good decision and good luck! We learned the hard way (and of course are always still learning!), being complete rookie offshore sailors (although lifelong dinghy sailors) when we first set off almost 10 years ago. Definitely made a ton of mistakes, but Lady Luck and the many generous sailors we met along the way were kind to us so the experiences were all for the best!

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  3. Yea! My first suggestion–avoid the superstition! That’s what I’m trying to do—pick up hints. And I shall heed your comment in all future posts. Well, it might slip once in awhile, but. Thanks a bunch!


  4. It’s bad luck to say that kind stuff about the sunk boat like…. “it’s not my boat, YET!!!” I applaud the honesty, I also often express how much of an idiot I am when it comes to sailing, maintaining, fixing boats and definitely am still a rookie. The humor is great, but I’m too superstitious to appreciate any sinking jokes!

    I reckon you won’t sink anyway. Seems like you’re aware, and trying to do the right thing, and taking small steps. Prudent sailor indeed.

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