Leg 11: The first night crossing of Lake Michigan & the final solo journey of the summer



July 31: It was a last minute decision to head “home”

Leaving Pentwater at 6 pm with a perfect wind…….

Click here to experience the wind & speed……

Rare selfie of this sailor


Click HERE to see a video of this silent freighter crossing my path.



Click HERE to see a video of the entire sunset!

Do you recall reading about the Tessa Marie and the SS Badger being sailing buddies all summer?

Well, click here to check this out!!!


August 31: Almost “home”


Don’t tell anyone, but after making great time for two-thirds of the way across Lake Michigan, the wind died. At about 1 am, I started the diesel and motored north (see map). On autopilot, I stayed alert until the eastern sky just started to become faintly orange but then fell asleep after that. All of a sudden I was awaked by a loud, close boat horn. Jumping to my feet, I saw a fishing boat about 20 yards off my port side and its path and mine would converge in less than 20 seconds! I quickly disengaged the autopilot and steered away while hollering apologies to the boat’s crew. Its captain yelled at me something about not sleeping because big freighters could plow into me. I looked around and noticed it was now completely daylight and there were dozens of boats within a mile of my position.

Oops. As I think back on it, this captain saw my boat and his would converge for several minutes, but continued his course just to teach me a lesson. Well, it worked.

Later in the morning, while waiting for a drawbridge in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, I saw this strange vessel randomly darting back & forth across the canal scooping up surface weeds. I ain’t never nuttin like that before.

Click here to see it work.

Tired of the sun, heat, humidity, etc., I became a whimp.The Tessa Marie has been tied up since August 1st and I’ve only been up to sail her a couple of times. I’m getting itchy again to go on a couple of trips–especially when it’s cooler.

Looking back on it all……this summer flew by.


5 thoughts on “Leg 11: The first night crossing of Lake Michigan & the final solo journey of the summer

  1. I love the selfie! What a handsome captain you are👏👏👏. It was fun looking at the videos and photos. Hope we’ll get to do this again next summer.


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