Leg 2: Ludington & Pentwater

I mistakenly made “Leg 3” public previously. My apologies. This was all supposed to be in chronological order. My fault-but I’m not impressed with the ease of using this blog service.

Leg 2

June 6-June 10: Ludington to Pentwater

*Click photos to enlarge*







While pulling into a slip upon arrival at the Ludington Municipal Marina, a couple of rookie dockhands allowed a dock post to tangle with one of the boat’s lifelines and break off the top loop of a stanchion. Got a free night at the marina for that.








View of the Pentwater area. Notice the channel entrance into Pentwater Lake. It needs to be dredged and I almost ran aground the first time through there this year. The blue dot indicates my favorite anchorage in the entire Lake Michigan area so far….in a tiny inlet named “Little Bayou Bay”. Based out of there for what seems like most of the summer, I would take my dinghy into town and tie up just north of the marina you see on the eastern shore.







Here’s the Tessa Marie at anchor at our second home in Little Bayou Bay in Lake Pentwater……







…..and there’s the dinghy at the…well, you can read.


















In Pentwater, located among the dozens of touristy shops, was this quaint little nautical antiques/ship’s store called the Brass Anchor. The proprietor is a feisty little lady, and she and I discussed the world’s problems off and on for a couple of days.

(During my last trip there, I learned that Donna is battling some serious health problems. Hope you’re feeling better these days, Donna!)




In the foreground of this photo is my new friend Simon with his Aussie friend Warrick. He runs a popular tank/tee/sweat shirt shop in downtown Pentwater and he does the screen printing on them right there for you. Simon is a native of Israel and is probably the most “colorful” person I met this summer:

“You divorced? Come on. You find woman. Come on, my man. Easy to get woman. You have boat, no? You find many woman with boat, my friend!”






To my delight, I discovered that several of the harbor towns on the northwest coast of Michigan have community bands–with each one better than the next. This one in Pentwater, driven by the sousaphones and piccolos, was wonderful to experience while sitting on a hill attacking a waffle cone from one of the half dozen ice cream parlors. Among other things, this summer will be known as the Summer of Ice Cream. The farmers’ markets were wonderful, too!)

Click here and see if you can name that tune!





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